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2 Piece Golden Angel Kit

You’re GoldenStaying angelic has always been easy as pie for you. You’ve never stolen from your roommates Easter candy stash or slipped away from work to check your Facebook in the bathroom. And yes, you’ve always paid for the newest album from your favorite musicians instead of streaming it on the internet for free. You want them to get paid, after all. And no, you’ve never faked sick so you could just watch bad daytime television and play with your cat all day. That is not what angels do. But also, we’re not super sure that angels have a lot of fun. So whether you’ve always been angelic or you’re guilty of all of the above, you’ll look like you’ve never crossed the line when you’re rocking this two-piece angel set. Product DetailsThese lightweight foam wings span over two feet wide and will stay comfortable as they’re strapped to your shoulders with elastic. The headband halo is laser cut in a pattern that matches the wings, giving you a stand out a silhouette that can be seen from afar. After all, someone as holy as you deserves to be recognized when you walk in the room. A cloud with a golden liningAre you ready to enjoy a heavenly lifestyle? When you’re an angel, every day is a good day! Pair this set with any of our gorgeous white dresses or a white ensemble of your own for a gorgeous yet easy costume. Also, who’s going to call you out for bending the rules when you’re this golden!

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