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Adult Astronaut Backpack

What would you bring to space if you were going to orbit the earth for a week? Just remember that your big adventure would take place in zero gravity. So, that bag of chips should probably stay at home. Although, chasing pieces of Pringle around a space cabin sounds pretty fun. We aren’t sure if NASa would allow that. Would you let us know if you find out?We’re sure that NASA’s original astronaut backpack is all planned out. It is probably filled with important gear like oxygen and astronaut fruit snacks. Since your Astronaut ensemble isn’t official you can put whatever your heart desires in this bright white bag. The top zips open for easy access to your Halloween candy stash. The are two pockets in the front, both structured so you won’t lose your flight plan in an endless black hole. The side pockets are a great size for a cell phone, just in case you need to get ahold of Houston in a hurry. So, what do you say? Ready for take-off? Strap in and we’ll start the count down!

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