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Adult Nun Costume

People think of Halloween and they immediately think of vampires, ghosts, and zombies. But there’s a fright that lives in the hearts of many, whose memories of strict rules, confining uniforms, no dating prospects, and austere teachers will haunt them for their lives.So why not put a little faith in this adult nun costume as the Halloween dark horse of this year’s costume competition? Hoping and praying won’t get you that trophy, sister; you need an excellent costume that will surprise and/or spook the judges in a playful and unusual way. Of course, many people have great childhood memories with nuns, too, so it could be a real win-win for the judging panel. Mostly, the costume tickles your fancy and that inner-joy really shines through–even though your face is looking very…stern. We’re happy you found your costume calling! We really are. And the best part? This sister act can have an encore performance any time you need a great and simple costume!Whatever a person’s associations, this costume is sure to be a conversation starter, second to ‘nun.’ Its long black interlock robe boasts a white cowl collar and fastens in the back, while the black veil has a white edge and secures with an elastic band under your chin. Add a cross necklace, your most sensible shoes, and maybe even a priest companion and you’ve got a look that will either strike love or fear into the hearts of all you meet. We think winning the costume prize may become a bit of a ‘habit’ from now on!

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