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Astronaut Space Pack

Looking for some out-of-this-world summertime fun? Take a look at this Space Astronaut Pack! It will be perfect for any squirt gun battles that may come your way. When all of your friends storm the battlefield with a burning desire to claim victory, you can easily douse their hopes. With this amazing blaster, you’ll have an incredible long-range advantage. Drench anyone up to 30 feet away without a problem. This water-based weaponry also packs quite the punch. With dual spray nozzles, you’ll be able to stop anyone in their tracks.This toy astronaut pack would also go well with a Moon Man or Space Cowboy costume for this coming Halloween. You can fill it with water and have fun soaking friends all night… and possibly end the night friendless and alone. Of course, you could also fill this pack with some secret concoction you brought back from space on your last expedition into the unknown. Then, instead of soak, you can share with your friends, after all, they say sharing is caring! Whether you need to upgrade your summertime play or your Halloween costume, this toy Astronaut Space Pack will get the job done.

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