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Camel Dog Costume

So you’ve always wanted to be a desert-dwelling nomad who had a camel for a pet, but instead you were born a Midwest-living Marketing VP who can only keep a small dog in their luxury apartment! Who can blame you for having such exotic dreams? Traveling around in the hot desert (also a dream of ours in the deep of a Midwest winter!) as part of a mysterious and ancient nomadic caravan with a bunch of super cool camels would be amazing! Those camels are super cool!But don’t get down on the way the cards of your fate were dealt – when life gives you the four seasons and an adorable dog, make lemonade out of it all with this Camel Dog Costume!Even though man’s best friend might have paws and not sand ready hooves, this Camel Dog Costume is a quick and easy way to give your pooch a few extra ‘humps’! Made of 100% polyester, this Camel Dog Costume consists of a one-piece costume that has sleeves for your dog’s front legs and an attached hood. There’s a soft-sculpted camel head on top of the hood, and stuffed humps on the back. And it all fastens with Velcro along your dog’s belly for a snug but comfy fit! Use this fun costume to compliment your Arabian family costume theme or to start building your own personal exotic desert animal caravan right at home!

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