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Deluxe Nun Costume

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we all know what’s going on in the City of Lights. There’s no mystery. We’ve all seen it before! They can try to upsell the intrigue as much as they’d like, but there isn’t much secrecy in a place where anyone can go and do as they will. No, if you want to talk about real mystery, you need to delve into the places that few have walked’¦ to the sites that are cloistered, private’¦ to seemingly decent places where no man has tread before!You guessed it: the nunnery! Few have seen what life is like behind the stone walls of the convent. Are the nuns all of quiet disposition, reading and reflecting on spiritual lives? Or are they throwing some of the most unique parties that the rest of the world has never before seen? Are they in the midst of singing quiet psalms to the Lord or reinventing pop music in a fascinating display of Sister acts!?You can be the one to show the rest of us this secreted world in the garb of the holiest of folks on the planet with this Deluxe Nun costume. Don the long-sleeved and full-length black dress with a zipper back, because your prudence is a virtue’¦ and only lends more to the mystery! The tabard fits easily over the dress and ties in the back for a perfect fit while the iconic black cowl with inner white lining completes the holy vestment and assures your stature is well respected, whether you are walking in calm prayer or dancing and singing out your rocking praises. Join up with a Priest costume and you’ll be cleansing sins and performing exorcisms’¦ though we’re still a fan of the Whoopie Goldberg version of touching the divine!

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