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Disney Cars 3 Cruz Classic Toddler Costume

Does your little girl have an independent spirit? You might just want to help her fix her hair as she running around the yard but you’ll have to catch her first! You’re always surprised at how much energy she has. You don’t know where she gets it, maybe she’s secretly gassing up at the syrup factory down the street. When she was a baby she was fast too. When she started crawling you’d set her down, look up for a second and when you’d look back she’d be across the room on her way to the forbidden flight of stairs. Well, who knows maybe she might end up like the lovable new character in Cars 3, Cruz! Cruz is not only fast, she’s a teacher. When Lightning McQueen can’t seem to keep up with the new generation of racers, she’s there to get him back on his wheels. Like any good teacher, she knows she has to keep learning as well because that’s how you always keep doing your best! It’ll be a while before your little one is old enough to drive a car like Cruz but that doesn’t mean she can’t dress like a race car driver! She’ll look ready to run, and run she will in this speedy yellow jumpsuit. The front panel of the shirt pictures the speed queen herself for that inspiration to kick it into the next gear, or run until your little speedster is out of energy, whichever you prefer.

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