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Doctor Who TARDIS Fleece Bathrobe

Do you ever wish you could get those hours of watching Dr. Who back? Yeah, neither do we. But say you were the Dr. You could get all the time back that you wanted. You’d simply jump into the Tardis and make it happen. As fun as it would be to travel to different planets and times, playing the intergalactic peace keeper, it would be a lot of hard work. Even a time lord should take some time to put his feet up once every eon. Whether you’re more of a Rose or a Dr. Who, you’ll find the soft fleece can transport you to a planet of superior coziness. This royal blue robe has the BBC logo on the front and the windows of the police box on the back. Next time you’re watching Dr. Who, really get into it, slip on your Tardis robe. It’s not bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside, but you will find that time slips away once you put it on.

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