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Evil Queen Crown

Haughty is the Head the Wears the CrownYes, we know that the head that wears the crown is typically described as heavy. But that’s only accurate if you actually care what other people think of you. Now, if you can sit on the throne and dictate that your people make you happy at all costs than your crown will sit quite comfortably on your head. When you throw your morals aside, hanging out as the queen can be pretty laid back. Just insist that your minstrels keep ramping up their music playing skills so that your balls are the absolute best in all the land. Product DetailsThis lightweight crown has a dramatic, geometric structure with a gold lace overlay. Set it at a jaunty angle on your head and slip some bobby pins into the mix to make sure your crown stays put through your reign. A Royally Wicked NightAre you ready to take your place on the throne, no holds barred? We can’t say we’re super excited for your reign but we’re sure you’ll have fun! Sit on your fancy-schmancy throne you can ask non-royals to bring you snacks, fancy clothing, and fawn over you all the while. Leave the heavy head for the up-tight royals. Evil Queens like yourself know how to have fun with all that power!

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