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Jango Fett Backpack

FOR SALE BY OWNER: One Jango Fett Jet Pack. Model Z-6. Fast, agile, sustained flight with a range of 70 meters. Should be used with caution. Mitrinomon jet packs are known to be volatile. Only for experienced jet pack users. Avoid cables, hooks, and anchoring the jet pack at all costs. FEATURES: Officially licensed Star Wars Accessory, inflatable, 30″ high x 28″ wide, adjustable straps. Used. HISTORY: Prior property of infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett, model for the imperial clone army, associate to Count Dooku. Previous owner recently beheaded. Limited time offer. This piece is now being sold by family to pay for bounty hunter training. Reasonable offers only. Replies can be sent to boba.fett1@clonemail.com. Please, no spam.

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