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Jango Fett Child Costume

Can you imagine being cloned thousands of times? Every visit back to Kamino, you go in to their cloning facility and you’re like “Whoa, there’s a bunch more of me.” It’s enough to rattle anyone. Well, anyone except Jango Fett. Why? Because he’s awesome, that’s why. And handsome, which makes sense because if you’re going to have to look at thousands upon thousands of yourself, you want to look pretty good. Clean shaven, neat haircut, the works. And so the clone army was born, all from one dude. One handsome, awesome, butt-kicking dude. Jango Fett even nearly killed Obi-Wan Kenobi! That’s how incredible he is. So if you’re ever getting yourself a clone army, whether for galactic domination or just to tackle your chores, consider Jango Fett.And now you can be Jango Fett too! Suit up, strap on Jango’s Mandalorian armor and helmet and get ready to fight. Wherever Fett goes, trouble is sure to follow, so it’s best if you’re ready for anything. Sure, it can’t legally come with a rocket launcher, or a jet pack, or blasters, but just the very sight of that sweet sweet armor will send your enemies running for the hills. Because they know Jango is seriously awesome too! Everyone does. The next thing you know, you’re a professional bounty hunter, grabbing whoever has the highest price on their head and not taking no for an answer. How do you do it? How do you stay so tough and strong? You work hard, eat right, study up on your bounties so you’re always there at the right time and right place until you get the chance to freeze them in carbonite (technically that comes much later, but you know what we mean).

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