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Marshall Plush Trick or Treat Bucket

So, it’s time. The big day is almost here. Marshall’s going to be on duty. You know what we’re talking about! He’s hopped off of TV, and now he’s right in your home. And that’s because your kid has got the perfect Marshall Halloween costume. He’s a big fan of the hit Nickelodeon show Paw Patrol, and this is his chance to show it off on Halloween night. So. Let’s make sure everything’s perfect!He can add to the costume effect when he carries around this Marshall Trick or Treat Bucket. The perfect complement to his Marshall suit, he’ll look just like the brave dalmatian firedog when he’s in action. And he’ll have Marshall’s face swinging right by his side. Which will be super handy, as he’ll be able to safely store all the trick-or-treat candy he can handle inside it!The perfect way to complete his Paw Patrol Halloween theme, this candy bucket is covered in soft polyester fabric, and it’s got the facial features of the Marshall featured on the front. It’s even got plush ears and a hat attached for the full Paw Patrol effect. Get your child this treat bucket, and we’re sure the Halloween mission will be a rip-roaring rescue success!

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