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Men’s Crusader Plus Size Costume

Join the KnightsSt. Bernard of Clairvaux. He’s the guy who started the whole, big shebang. You know, the Templars? The Order of Solomon’s Temple, the Knights Templar? It’s kind of a big deal, it sure is, but you’re fully aware. Because you’re signed up for duty!Yup, good ol’ St. Bernard just had to convince the Pope how great it would be to have a military order that could take care of the important business of the Church. Which is probably why you’re involved, after all, a holy order is one you don’t dare neglect. But, of course, you gotta look the part, too, which is why we’re able to help. Cause we’ve got this great Plus Size Crusader Costume, ready for you!You might be ready for a dust-up over some holy relics, or you might be planning to go on Crusades to the Holy Land. No matter what adventure you’re suiting up for, you’re going to have the style down to a tee with this HalloweenCostumes.com exclusive Crusader Costume. We’ve never been associated with the Medieval Church, but we did our best to recreate an old-school look that works!Design and DetailsThis costume comes with all the gear you’re going to need. (Well except for the sword. That’s sold separately. We recommend starting out with a foam sword so you don’t go about accidentally wounding your friends while you practice your swordsmanship!) Styled as a white tabard over a tunic, this costume ensemble also comes with two belts. The top has sleeves finished in sequins for a chain mail effect, and it looks pretty realistic. And you bet it has the red cross appliqued to the front!Everything but the time machineWe’d love to send you off to help in the crusades but we’re still waiting for those inventors to figure out the details of time travel. But, until then, we’re more than happy to outfit with historical costumes from any era! Check out all of our medieval and renaissance costumes to build a group theme that’s sure to steal the show. Just don’t forget your prop swords!

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