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Miss Scissorhands Costume

Several of the monstrously kind creatures of our favorite stories are simply misunderstood. They live their lives out in isolation, generally, and their efforts to make friends and family are met with scorn and fear. Kind as they might be in the depth of their hearts, it is that isolation that makes them just a little uncertain of how to act in proper society. But, who can blame them if all they ever get to know of culture is what they see through shaded windows or hear through dusty vents!?Of course, we all know the story of the Frankenstein Monster’¦ a confused creature brought into life without any real chance of integration down at the local pub hall. Granted, that accidental abnormal brain didn’t help his condition much, but it was really the isolation that made him ill prepared to hang out with the regular Jack and Dianes. So, when a gentle soul is stuck away in an attic and given a whole bunch of sharp scissors for hands, how can anyone expect the guy to hang out without causing a bit of a ruckus when an inadvertent jerk of a hand causes a little bit of massive bleeding?Fortunately, for all beings on the planet, there is a soul mate’¦ one who understands the difficult road that has been walked and can join to make the rest of the journey a bit happier. So, when Miss Scissorhands was revealed to exist, we knew that she must have had a similar life of limited isolation. Now it is time for you to head out there and do your best to integrate with society. Everyone knows that you have the best intentions and your slit black dress, wild black curls, and sleevelets are going to blend in fine. Your gray and red foamed scissor hands might take a little more getting used to, but we’re sure that you’ll do great in your efforts to blend in. Just wait until you’re really comfortable before offering to slice up anyone’s dinner!

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