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Moon Man Adult Costume

A Big Time MoonThe moon is quite a big deal. Earth’s only natural satellite, it helps us with our orbit, it creates the tides, and it might have even helped create the conditions for life to start! So, it’s only natural that when mankind got enough technology we would send some explorers to go and check it out!Well, in our humble opinion, it’s time to go back to the moon! Of course, we’re going to need your help, too. But don’t sweat it, Because we’ve got this Moon Man Costume for adults in tip-top, mission-ready shape!Not quite sure you’ve got what it takes? Nah, we’re sure you do! You’re going to do great, and you’re going to look great, too, when you’ve got this Moon Man costume style on. Collect rocks, or keep your eyes peeled for that Martian base. We hear there’s a secret party on the moon thrown by the Martians, and it’s an all-time top bash. We’re telling ya, the moon is gonna be great!Product DetailsThis Moon Man Costume is, yes, a very whimsical costume style that’s sure to be a big-time party hit. It comes with the helmet, jumpsuit, and belt. And, yes, the jumpsuit has an attached molded posterior section (in the nude) for you to show of as you choose. Like we said, this costume is gonna be a hit!Punny or funnySometimes the joke is subtle, and sometimes it’s obvious. When you’ve got a big-time joke planned for your Halloween costume, well, you know we’re the top spot to shop. Because we’ve got punny costumes, we’ve got funny costumes, and we’ve got costumes that will cause an uproar! Basically, if you can think of the joke, we’ve already got a costume style with it, ready for you.

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