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Plus Size Adult Dark Nun Costume

Excuse me Miss. Just what religion does this church practice?You can be a Nun of serious pain when you wear this Dark Nun costume. While most churches are all about being saintly, you’ll finally be ready to embrace sin when you wear this ferocious look. When you’ve got this plus size costume, you’ll be ready to light a few Molotov cocktails, and start practicing ministry outside your church’s walls!If that sounds like a good idea to you, you can forget about spreading the good word, and start making plans to sew some diabolical seeds when you get this plus size adult Dark Nun costume. A wet finish long sleeved dress is accented with a cross on the chest and an rosary belt, so you can at least pretend to be an actual sister of the cloth. But when the gas mask goes on, you can be sure that dark prayers will be said.This plus size costume is made and designed by us, so that might give you some hint as to why it’s just so twisted! (Our designers DO love to indulge their dark side!) Included plastic prop gas mask fits over the head along with the matching veil. In sizes 1X and 2X, this exotic look is sure to have you feeling like a Nun who knows way too much about original sin. Bring the pain and make sure that the party-goers at your get-together are ready to be just a little bit naughty when you wear this exclusive costume!

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