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Plus Size Men’s Sparrow Pirate Costume

Avast Ye! Ahoy, matey! We hear you’re a bit hard up for the perfect costume. But you can’t let Halloween become a black spot on your name. You really only have two choices, lad: You can surrender, call it a night, and hole up on the couch with a bucket o’ popcorn and a long face; or you can gather your crew, suit up for adventure, and set out in search of hidden loot and faraway lands. Yeah…it doesn’t seem like much of a choice to us either!In this Men’s Plus Size Sparrow Pirate Costume, you can lead a mutiny, commandeer a ship, and become captain, all faster than you can say, “Dead men tell no tales!” This exclusive look will instantly transform you into a fearsome, charismatic, and skilled pirate known by name across all seven seas. And to think, you were going to stay home and watch scary movies by yourself. We could send you to Davy Jones’ locker for that kind of thinking! Or make you walk the plank for defecting from your favorite holiday. But, we’ll cite you with a warnin’ this time, and take our cut of whatever treasure you happen upon, instead.Design & DetailsThis is a costume for a real pirate’s pirate, ya know? It’s Made by Us right in our own costume studio, with the goal of capturing the spirit of a true swashbuckler. It’s comprised of a shirt, pants, scarves, belts, and vest—oh, and a whole lot of swagger! The top has button detailing and loose arms, for easy swinging of your sword (which you’ll want to pick up, separately). You get a red headscarf and a striped hip scarf, adding that alluring devil-may-care pirate strut to your stride. Of course, you’ll want a sturdy pair of boots and a classic tricorn hat to make this look truly seaworthy. You don’t want to be taken for a landlubber, do you?No More Hornswaggle!This is basically the best pirate look around! And as such, we don’t want to hear any more whinin’ about not having a good enough costume for Halloween. Don’t cheat your crew out of partyin’ with ye this Halloween…and don’t even think about that night in on the couch…savvy?

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