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Plus Size Traditional Nun Costume

Do you have a bad habit (or five) that you’re trying to break? Maybe you’re trying to give up TV. Or you’ve chosen to stop eating sugar. For real this time. Maybe you’re giving up texting your ex. Or perhaps you’re now committed to finally kissing those cigarettes goodbye.You know what they say: if you want to stop a bad habit, replace it with a good one! So maybe you can put this Plus Size Traditional Nun Costume and replace your habit with ours! Ehh, ok. So maybe it doesn’t quite work that way. But, we bet that putting on this classic costume will inspire you to lead a better life. You won’t even need to tell all of your loved ones that you have turned over a new leaf; just showing up in this nun’s outfit is likely to demonstrate your deep reform. As you zip into this black, long-sleeved dress you can imagine all the ways in which you are going to improve. You will exchange TV watching for long walks outside. You will trade in cookies for celery sticks (yum!). The white collar and black veil look completely classic, especially when you pick up a cross necklace to accompany them. Wear a sensible pair of black shoes (you’re giving up painful stilettos, too) and get ready to get in touch with a higher sense of self. But watch out, you may love wearing this nun costume so much that it can become an all new habit to break!

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