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Rawhide Renegade Costume

Saddle up, partner, because we’re about to take this rodeo out on the road! When you wanna grow up to be the toughest bronco in the bullpen, you gotta start lookin’ the part! And when it comes to movin’ ’em up and headin’ ’em up, you can’t be wearing no city slicker duds, or them other cowboys will have you branded as a tenderfoot for sure! So instead, show them that you’re the coolest amigo around by wearing the clothes that a real cowboy would wear. Whether you’re riding a steer across the high and wide, heading out west with your posse, or looking for 8 seconds on glory in the dirt-packed arena…or is it a ring? What’s the thing they do the whole rodeo thing in? Cause some of them are small, like at county fairs, but other ones are really big, like the huge rodeo at Calgary…We’ll be honest…the most we really know about cowboys is just what we’ve seen in movies like Young Guns and City Slickers, and maybe possibly a bunch of Pace Picante movies. We also rode horses that one time at summer camp, which was pretty fun, but that was in a state where dressing up like a cowboy will basically have everyone wondering if you’re a crazy person.But what we DO know is that, if your little one loves everything Western, then this costume is going to make him so happy he’ll spit! but hopefully not, like, really spit, cause that’s kind of gross)! This Rawhide Renegade Costume comes with a knee-length brown poplin jacket; a an flannel vest (that also has a neck loop and self-fabric waist ties that ensure a comfortable fit); a vinyl belt molded to look like tooled leather, complete with bullet loops and metal buckle; a brown faux suede hat; and even a red bandana! Add your own jeans, shirt and boots…maybe even a broom horse or a toy six-shooter for the perfect cowboy ensemble. Ride ’em cowboy!

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