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Salem Witch Costume

Witch hunt. It is a term that has come to mean the unjustified chase after generally innocent people whom another has blamed all sorts of awful things. While technically it is possible that they’re somehow involved, it’s pretty unlikely and generally viewed as a particularly rude thing to do’¦ and then some. Coming from the late 1600s when the Puritans were especially worried that devilry was being practiced’¦ basically everywhere, it turned into a rather darkly black stain in our history when several accused were executed for the dire practice of witchcraft.The thing is’¦ had they really been witches, it isn’t a tough estimate to say that they’d have used some of their magical mojo to get out of that trouble. Whisper to the fire and command it to silence or command their familiars to unleash holy heck upon the mobs that came after them. Perhaps they might shapeshift into their supposed demonic forms. And, anyway, aren’t demons and those affiliated supposed to be granted some immunity from fire given that it is the typical environmental situation from where they come?But, the story is not yet over for the few true witches that were executed, unable to enact their magic and escape their fate. You can return to life during the thinning of the veil to let the world know what a sad mistake it made with this Salem Witch costume. This black interlock dress with wide sleeves is reminiscent of Puritan garb though has certainly seen better days. Tatters and jagged hems and cuffs reveal that you have suffered and the bloody stains and vinyl noose will be a grim reminder of the events of 1692 Salem. Gather up your accessories’¦ mini cauldron, broomstick, or even familiar’¦ and let the world see what they have tried to forget!

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