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Star Wars Boba Fett Character Apron

Once, instead of asking for credits as payment for a bounty, Boba Fett simply requested that there be an apron made with an imprint of his Mandelorian armor on it. The Fett (as Boba likes to refer to himself) knows a thing or two when it comes to what every bounty hunter wants after an exhilarating day of tracking down fugitives and debtors. A classic grill-out, of course! But when a bounty hunter is manning the grill he can’t afford to look vulnerable for even a second, unless he’s alright with getting gunned down. Boba certainly never trusted anyone he kept in his company, so he stayed a step ahead and had this apron made. Now Boba can grill up as many Bantha steaks as he desires, without the fear of anyone trying any funny business. While the apron won’t protect you from any shots out of a blaster, it will make you look as cool as The Fett and give you a commanding presence at the grill. So you won’t have to worry about anyone trying to take you out while you’re wearing this character apron at your next cookout. You can just focus on being the finest grill-master this side of the galaxy.

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