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Toddler Astronaut Costume

It’s 2044. The earth is in shambles courtesy of pollution, overpopulation, and the dog uprising of 2039. With the aid of next-level sci fi technology humankind is exploring the galaxy in search of a new home. We’ve gotten far, planted flags all over the place like overzealous golf caddies, but we have yet to find a suitable replacement. Things look bleak for the future of our species.A shiny spaceship nears a promising new planet in a far away galaxy, one brimming with potential for life and colonization like we have never seen before. A new hope. It gently nestles down on the grassy terrain. Out steps an intrepid space explorer, our hero, looking to the alien horizon with a sense of pride and destiny. They daringly take off their helmet and take the first breath of this new, perfect world’s air. They then utter these historic words: ‘I shall name this new home for humankind after my parent, and I will name its moon halloweencostumes.com, for without both I would never have become an astronaut.’ This is your child, all grown up. They decided to become an astronaut when you bought them our Toddler Astronaut Costume when they were two and a half. We saved the human race and now we are immortalized. Feels good, doesn’t it?The Toddler Astronaut Costume looks just like the real thing. Easy to put on with lots of authentic-looking accents like faux leather, zippered pockets, and NASA and American flag patches, your little one will look like they’re ready to head for the stars — as soon as they figure out how to pour their own glass of Tang! A little hat pulls the whole ensemble together.

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