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Toddler Nun Costume

When any parent sits back and thinks about their child, several images pop into the mind. Now, of course, there are the moments that are frustrating. Perhaps we might imagine a goblin or a giant monster who has been mutated by a series of horrific accidents at the nuclear power plant. Perhaps the good old fashioned bull in a china shop? Or, more realistically, a tornado gone loose in a donut shop! Either way, nobody is going to blame you for thinking of the more destructive and wild-with-energy moments.But, there are the exactly opposite ones, too. Those memories of your delightful child proving that they, somehow, are connected to a greater wisdom. They might say the most profound words, suggesting an insight into how to fix our broken world and bring peace and kindness to all. Perhaps it occurs more often when you get those quiet visions of them totally asleep and sprawled out on their bed with a look on their faces that can only be proof of the existence of angels. Those are the thoughts to hold tight in your mind. Of course, that’s hard to do when the very strong reality of those other images are there (and probably for a greater percentage of the day).Fortunately, we have a way to meet in the middle and help to get that toddler of yours to try to bring some of those angelic moments into the waking hours. Give your tyke a more heavenly look with this toddler nun costume. The polyester black long-sleeved dress is stylized in the well-known habit style and features a while collar that fastens with Velcro and a sewn-on veil that ties at the back of the neck. While you’re at it, pick up some of the other sizes and you’ll have the perfect convent going. Add a microphone and a wild hairstyle and you’ll have a whole sister act going on!

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