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Women’s Celestial Tights

Defining a ClassicSome people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. That could totally be true. But we think you can tell a lot about a person by their accessories. That’s especially true when you’re coming up with a backstory for your Halloween costume. There are a lot of witches out there on October thirty-first. How are you going to set your character apart from the rest? Is your character the kind that grows an herb garden and mixes potions for lovelorn village girls? Is she a swamp witch with a talent for hurling creative curses cast at anyone who comes to close? Or maybe she’s a city witch who flies between skyscrapers on nights when the moon is full. Whatever your character might be, your eyes that aren’t going to tell her story. Your ensemble’s accessories make your brand of witchiness perfectly clear!Product DetailsBlending mystery and style, these celestial tights will be the perfect way to polish off a witchy ensemble. You’ll love the black star and moon pattern scattered across the fishnet texture. They’ll look perfect on Halloween and any other time you’re feeling a little more in tune with the mysteries of the night. MoonstruckThis October, celebrate life’s little mysteries all month long with our lovely patterned tights. They’re subtle enough to be layered with shorts and skirts while keeping you in the spirit of the season. They might inspire you to get a tarot reading with your local fortune teller or enter that weird, dusty junk shop. When you’re wearing these tights, you never know what the stars might have in store.

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