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Women’s Deadly Nun Costume

Eerie in the AbbeyWhen you first came to its hallowed halls, the nuns in the abbey seemed nice enough! They set you down to a nice bowl of homemade soup and with a chunk of freshly baked bread at their long table. Sure, they didn’t say much as the storm that stranded you in their home raged outside but you figured it had something to do with the sisters taking a vow of silence. Then they took you to your room. You tried to keep up with the dark sister through the maze of dark halls and stone steps but by the time you caught up with her at the tiny wooden door of your room, you were out of breath. Unfortunately, you didn’t have time to register exactly how you got to that spot and you were going to have a hard time finding your way out. Product DetailsThis nun has left her pious nature behind. Her modest apron is splattered with a suspicious amount of blood as is the cut of her sleeve. She can’t say she was just killing chickens, there’s a distinct human handprint in the middle of her chest! Her tattered dress and headpiece make you wonder just what unholy business this sister has been up to.Without a PrayerYou should have left that abbey when you had a chance! There’s no way you’ve got any hope when you’re trapped with this cursed creature. Finish this look off with awful ghoulish makeup and you’ll have the perfect scream-inducing costume this holiday season. Whether you’re dressing up for a zombie pub crawl or you’re looking for an irreverent look for Halloween parties and haunted houses, you’ll never forget this gory disguise. Pair this look with our murderous props or religious paraphernalia, it’s up to you. And whatever you do, don’t come to us with your blessings. We’re not interested.

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