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Women’s Gold Cross Fingerless Gloves

Easy PrayWhen you throw on that habit, you’re on the prowl. No, not for meat, for those sinners who need to be lead back to the path. There are a few tried and true ways that nuns have used their nun power through the ages to make that happen and not all of them include hitting the palms of the transgressor with a ruler. Pulling the ears of any little sinners who are trying to get away with chewing gum in church or holding hands with a partner that they are not married to is also a way to guide people back to the light. And while your pure ways might not make you popular, those poor souls will thank you when they’re plucking harps from the fluffy safety of their very own cloud in the afterlife. Product DetailsThese gloves are the perfect finishing touch to your naughty nun ensemble. These elbow-length, elastic topped gloves are flashy with large gold cross ornaments near the elbows. The gloves come up past the knuckles but leave your fingers free to apply holy water with ease. Nun’s the WordTo tell the truth, there’s no way we can know all the secrets that sisters have. The only way to tell is dressing up as a woman of the cloth to get a taste for the night. Who knows, if you play your saint cards right, you might even score some points with Saint Peter!

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