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Women’s Holy Nun Costume

Vixen with a VocationYou knew your life was going to be different from the standard when you developed “different habits” than other people. Instead of smoking cigarettes in the high school bathroom, you were put in detention for swinging incense in the halls. Then there was that Friday night when you got in trouble for coming home at five in the morning. It totally wasn’t fair. How were you supposed to know that the Cathedral changed their weekend hours? What were you supposed to do when you get locked in the church? Break a stained glass window? Yeah, not happening! So you and the big man on the cross spent the night together. Pretty romantic. You were the only person in your family to get grounded for religious fervor. Our response? Worth it!Product Details & DesignThis exclusive slinky nun ensemble will change the way people see your religious habit. It’s Made-By-Us so that it has a unique take on the traditional look. The slit in this black dress is quite generous with a gold cross at the hip. The scapular collar tops the shoulders, covering your neck to keep it modest. Your look is topped off with a white veil, making sure people can recognize your calling from afar!Party with PrayerAre you ready to get crazy in the Cathedral? Uncork that holy wine and get the party started! Making this a group costume is both hilarious and just a little controversial (aka: Don’t tell Father Fitzmorris about our ideas please). Have a hilarious bachelorette party and have your girls all dress up as nuns. Or make this into a couple’s costume by pairing your ensemble with a devil or priest costume. A religious fervor is sure to make your Halloween unforgettable. And who knows, maybe the folks at the pearly gates will give your ensemble two thumbs up!

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