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Women’s Naughty Nun Costume

Listen – life is way too short to go on worrying about every single sin you’ve committed. A girl could drive herself crazy pondering every commandment, pouring over each and every psalm, and trying to make it on time to service on Sunday morning.You need to loosen up and live a little! After all, what’s the point of trying to get a little of that sweet, sweet salvation if you don’t know what a sinner’s life on Earth feels like? One night of letting lose won’t bar you from the pearly gates of heaven, so why not take advantage of that blank check? Who knows…with the kind of trouble a woman like you could get into, you might even convince a few lost souls to be moved by the Holy Spirit, yell Hallelujah and praise the Lord!Of course, you’re going to need the kind of costume that’s perfect for a night of wicked fun, but still reminds everyone that you’re a good girl at heart…and that’s where this women’s naughty nun costume comes in! It’s a super fun costume that combines the religious style of a nun with the vivacious look of a vixen wanting to make the most of her night! With a daring lace up bodice and a form fitting style, you’re sure to get more than just a few glances from true believers and heathens alike. Combined with the faux nun headdress, you’ll have a look that’s halfway to heaven and halfway earthbound!

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