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Women’s White Astronaut Costume

You’ve been everywhere, manDo you have a serious travel bug? You might have traveled in all sorts of ways. Early life was filled with road trips. You argued with siblings while driving through hours of rolling hills and corn lined highways. Stops were filled with photo ops and sugar-filled treats. Then when you got older you got to take decision making into your own hands. You booked a plane ticket across the world. You tried the local cuisine, you let the locals sell you gorgeous goods, you got sick for a few days and accepted it as the classic travel tax. Then there were the local trips. You biked. You canoed. You even took a little backpacking trip.Still, there are places you haven’t traveled. Paths you haven’t taken. Now, imagine for a minute, taking the most exclusive trip out there. No cuisine to try, no home goods to buy. And as far as we know, there are no locals to meet. But nothing is ever going to beat those amazing selfies with planet earth. With a travel record like this one, we think you’ve got Johnny Cash beat. Product Details & DesignPrepare for space travel in a high-quality costume that’s Made-By-Us. This jumpsuit is simple and fashionable for all forts of events. It zips up the front and the bodice is framed with a black halter. The sleeves and pants are cuffed with black. The knees are accented to make moon walking more comfortable and the pants include a cargo pocket so you can keep your credit card and ID close. The top is accented with US flag and NASA patches to make you look official. Over the MoonWhether you’re heading out as a space team with a few friends or you’re planning on orbiting solo, you’re sure to love this next leg of your trip. Polish off your look with a space pack as well as an astronaut helmet. Who knew it was so easy to make an out of this world costume take off?

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