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Women’s White Bad Habit Nun Costume

It’s easy to think of nuns as a bunch of stern old fashioned ladies who are always working and don’t get out much. While that may be true for some sisters, not all nuns live such a quiet life of service. When you’re wearing this sinfully sexy White Bad Habit Nun Costume, don’t be surprised if guys start lining up for you to hear their confessions!Joining a convent and pledging your life to the service of others is supposed to involve you leaving your old habits behind. That sounds like a reasonable trade off, since when you think of a group of nuns, you probably aren’t picturing them hanging out at a sports bar, eating nachos and placing bets on the big game. They lead pious lives and are always hard at work, helping the needy. But as we all know, some bad habits are harder to break than others, and they tend to pop back up when we least expect them, and are least prepared. Everyone (even a nun) needs to get out from time to time and blow off some steam to keep those vices under control.Nobody can properly get their groove on while wearing their boring work clothes. But, this hot and heavenly costume looks like the kind of ensemble a sassy nun might wear out on the town. The white form fitting dress and matching arm warmers and thigh highs will have all of the guys singing your praises!

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