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Women’s White Fringe Flapper Costume

The Speakeasy SpecialIf you’re like us then there’s nothing you’d like more than access to a real-deal speakeasy. Just imagine it! You’d walk through some front business like a piano store or a butcher shop and knock on a door in the back. The door would open up to let loose among the glamorous folks of the speakeasy. There would be live jazz music, exposed brick walls, and a smokey atmosphere created from all the cigarettes dangling from cigarette holders. We can almost hear the trumpets and scatting singers as we write this description. The only thing you could do wrong on your first speakeasy trip? Never, ever arrive dressed down!Product Details & DesignOur in-house designers put together this elaborate flapper costume that’ll knock you off your feet, then back on your feet, and make you dance the Charleston. The slim fitting dress has a white lace overlay. The neckline has white fringe bordering the sequined v-neck. The dress has a zigzagging pattern halfway down the skirt with long fringe hanging from the sequined trim. The dress zips up the back, making it comfortable to transform into your inner flapper. The ensemble is topped off with silky long gloves and the classic 1920’s headband, making you look like you’re the kind of girl that speaks in a mid-Atlantic accent.The Glam Gal with the GamsYou’ll feel like the bell of any secret saloon when you’re dressed up in this gorgeous dress. You’ll want to blast that big band music as soon as you zip up the back. Want to up the ante? Browse through props like our cigarette holder prop and feather boas. This is the perfect outfit for the bride during flapper themed bachelorette parties. Because if there’s any better way to announce you’re ready for a party, it’s plenty of fringe and a whole lot of sparkle!

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